Subtitling Services at Digital Hutch

We provide subtitling services for Cinema, Film, TV Drama, advertising publications, marketing communications, tech/ engineering, training material, automobile, software documentation, user service manual and Arts/ Literature

  • Teletext subtitles for terrestrial television (for the deaf and hard of hearing)
  • Expert knowledge of the various terrestrial house styles and ITC guidelines
  • In-vision work for the deaf and hard of hearing (eg for training videos)
  • Web streaming formats (eg SAMI, RealText)
  • In-vision subtitles in English for foreign language programmes, films or operas
  • In-vision subtitles for indistinct English within programmes
  • DVD subtitles for all industry standard formats
  • Subtitles tailored for children's viewing or for educational and learning purposes

Source Material

We can work from a variety of source materials - physical media such as DVD and VHS; pre-encoded formats such as SpectreView (Telemedia), Real or any Windows Media format.

Subtitle Delivery

Subtitles can be delivered in any of the following formats - standard file formats (EBU, ESEF, TIF, SAMI etc); subtitled master tapes; and others as required. If your particular requirement is not listed here, that Doesn't necessarily mean it isn't possible!.

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