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Online reputation management services at Digital Hutch

Digital Hutch offers dedicated Online Reputation Management Services in India for the business companies so as to keep their brand buoyant and safeguarded. Our ORM services are oriented as per the emergent trends and requirements of continuous branding and keeping in check the negative buzz and criticism that could be detrimental to company’s image. Through targeted interventions, the ORM experts at Digital Hutch ensure that your brand and its products continue to enjoy the praise and worth and thus sales and profits are maintained and also specializes in the niche of E-ecommerce Marketing for the business companies.

The need for ORM services

ORM has emerged significant and demanded in the last few years because of the growing instances of image tarnishing and negative branding that could be deliberate or generic. The companies have found themselves at the receiving end and very vulnerable through such attempts! Therefore the webmasters of caliber came up with the specialized escorts that we call as ORM! Online Reputation Management Services at Digitalhutch are offered as a package and ensure peace of mind for the brands and firms that can move forward briskly without the agony of countering the critical leads and comments. We have been helping various noted ORM Brands Services in India and The World through our ORM services that are offered as custom tailored!

What we offer in our ORM package

  • ORM services at Digital Hutch combine both the positive and negative dimensions to generate a composite strategy whereby every dimension complements the others. The brand thus not only remains free from critical leads but also develops mileages from the dedicated reputation building exercises. The dimensions that are worked upon for ORM by us include the following -
  • Carrying aggressive visibility/SEO campaigns – towards boosting your visibility against your competitors
  • Social branding – to improve your social image and appeal through appropriate interlinking with social networking functions
  • PR exercises – to keep your brand image well noticed and buoyant in the online domains
  • CRM integrations – this is the buffer from where pacification of aggressive customer can be attempted! Feedback channels and customer support mechanisms need to be integrated with marketing to keep the negative views and comments under control.
  • Analytics for the criticism - ORM experts at Digitalhutch undertake in-depth analyses to find out the cause of criticism
  • Investigations – cases of deliberate negative branding (like by business rivals) are thoroughly investigated
  • Wedding out the negative leads and trails to eliminate criticism – negative buzz is effectively buffered or weeded out to keep your brand image healthy.
  • Our ORM services are comprehensive and dynamic. You are therefore guaranteed the best brand value in the web through us!

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