Why use your translation services?

We are a COMPANY, not freelancers. As a company, we can't act casually or carelessly like freelancers might. We maintain our brand by consistently achieving a professional standard. Being a company,We take personal pride in each project we work on.

Are you a Registered translation company?

Yes We are a translation and Localization Company located in India with more than a decade of experience, We are an EN 17100 Certified (Translation Services Management certificate) ISO 9001:2015 Certified, Government Registered - CIN: U74900DL2013PTC258088

How you are Keeping our data confidential

We always advise clients to use both translation and proofreading. Proofreading involves a second, qualified translator reviewing the translated text relative to the original document. Proofreading guarantees consistency of terms and grammatical use. If the client chooses translation without proofreading, we cannot guarantee the documents will be consistent throughout both uses of terminology and grammatical content.

What about Formatting?

We will Endeavour to return documents in roughly the same format. However, due to language differences such as different lengths of sentences, font characters and language direction, not all formatting can be maintained. Where typesetting or design work is required, this must always be carried out post-translation with additional cost and requires proofreading to check that no modifications have altered the text.

100% satisfaction guarantee means?

We will provide corrections in the translation in case there are errors in the translation. This does not cover the difference in opinions of different people as there may be thousands of ways to express a single thought.

If the Client has any complaints about the service supplied by you?

It shall submit them in writing as soon as possible, yet never later than 07 days after receiving the said service. Lodging a complaint shall not release the Client from its obligation to pay. If no complaints are made within the term fixed in 07 days, the service shall be deemed to have been fully accepted, and shall only act on complaints if it sees fit to do so. changing any part of the translated or edited text at the Client's request shall in no way constitute an acknowledgment on the part of having supplied an inferior service.

What if i want to cancel my order after payment?

If the client accepts our offer, via Email, or any mode and void any point of this agreement or step back from the assignment at any point in the duration of the assignment will attract a 100 % penalty from the client on full project value.

Which all languages you can handle?

European, Asian, African, Middle East, and Eastern Languages

which all domains you can handle?

Patents, Biochemistry, Automotive, Chemical, Electronics, Medical, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, Software, Business products, Consumer products, Engineering, Finance, Banking, Accounting, Healthcare, Information technology, Software (educational), Software (multimedia)...

If i have any irregular language pair then will you be able to help me out?

If you are interested in a specific language combination contact us, we shall be happy to prepare a tailor-made offer meeting your needs.

What you will do in the certification?

Each and every page will be stamped with (certified official Translation) with our company seal. And will provide (certificate for Accuracy) on our company letterhead These certified documents will be accepted globally in the embassy, Banks, legal activities, etc.

How I can get Certified Translation Hard copy?

Either to collect from our office ( Greater Noida) UP INDIA, OR we may courier the same against courier charges will bare by the client we can even optionally send the hard copies internationally over a courier service ( this has to be paid as an extra and discussed further )

I need Duplicate Hard copy

01 USD per page will charge extra for this service with the condition of minimum payment of 05 USD (Means if you are having one page or 05 pages you need to pay a minimum USD 05) Courier Charges will be extra as per actual

Courier Charges

In case of Domestic Courier --- INR 100 will charge extra In case of International Courier --- As per actual will be charge extra

Digital Stamp & Traditional Stamp. Difference

Our translated documents are digital documents but if you need physical copies (hard copies), postage charges incur. The most significant difference between digital stamps and traditional stamps is that there is no physical stamp.

How your stamp will look?

Our certification letter will be stamped with (certified official Translation) with our company seal in our company letterhead paper. Once your document is printed out, our stamps will appear to be just like a digital stamp, there will be simply no difference.


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