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Marketing Translation Services at Digital Hutch

Digital Hutch is your Marketing Translation Service provider which provides a solution to the problem of having accurately translated packaging, product literature, users' guides, warranty information, and product safety guides.

It is important to you and to your customers that the product information be understandable, not only for their own well-being but for your company's credibility and liability. For example, if the instructions for using a product are unclear, it is possible the user may be injured, resulting in costly damage claims against your company. At the least, a customer may install a product improperly and not obtain satisfactory results, resulting in a demand for a refund. Net result: lost revenue for you.

Digital Hutch is well-equipped to translate any packaging, labels, guides, brochures, or other marketing materials from English to in your desired language or Vice Versa. In most instances, all that will be needed is that you supply us with the source text document, and we will return you the translated text. Sometimes, it will be necessary for us to consult you for clarification, in which case we will communicate with you via e-mail or by telephone, whichever is fastest.

We are sure you will be pleased with our service, and you will gain credibility with your clients and relieve yourselves of liability for avoidable errors or injuries. Contact us today for a price quote or for further information.


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