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Foreign Language Services at Digital Hutch

We cover a wide range of foreign languages European, Asian, African, Middle East, and Eastern Languages.That is why we do not translate ourselves but pass on the documents to be translated to various translators,That's why we are flexible and can process even larger translation jobs in a short time, We achieve a large order volume and can therefore translate to more favorable conditions,We pass this advantage on to our customers.

Most translators work for the same language combination for us. We can control the quality of the individual translators and always select the best specialist translator for you, So you can be sure that your translation will meet your requirements.

Send us your documents to be translated right now,We will then create an individual offer,You'll see, your translation is done faster and costs less than you think.

If you want to translate documents of any kind, there are various possibilities.

A proper translation requires a lot of experience, practice and diligence. Of course, there are translation programs and websites that offer appropriate services. Although the aids are mostly free, their abilities are far from perfect translations, However, if you want to translate something quickly or inform yourself about something, and if grammatical stylistic correctness is less important, then these tools are perfectly suitable.

However, anyone who needs perfect translations for professional purposes, for designing a website, for public authorities and so on cannot avoid using a translation agency. It's hard to find the right one. Very large is the offer and usually the fee. Unfortunately, there are no legal bases governing who is allowed to call themselves translators and who is not, By no means is the most expensive office the best.


Digital Hutch is the specialist supplier for your multilingual requirements offering quality translation/localization for all the Asian major languages.
Our team of qualified professionals has more than 7 years of experience and expertise in translation/localization management.

We provide Chinese (Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese), Japanese and Korean translation, typesetting and localization, as a group of Chinese and other Asian language translators who are versed in technical, legal, politics, economics and other fields.
Today Digital Hutch services range includes:

— Software Translation/localization
— Website Translation and Localization
— Document Translation
— Information Technology (computer software and hardware and related)
— Telecommunication, and it’s testing and measurement equipment
— Industrial automation equipment
— Mechanical manufacture industry (CAD/CAM)
— Electronics
— Automobile
— Medical equipment
— Finance
— Legal
— Tourism
— Corporate ID Localization - Logos, Letterhead, Business Cards, etc.

Our services enable you to achieve great new customer relations cost-effectively, in an instantly expanded global market, whilst enhancing the satisfaction of your existing customers.


The success of your business depends on the products and services you provide, informative internet presence and your business approach.

If your company would like to enter new and international markets - almost inevitable in today’s global market - you will need to adapt your message to this new audience. To successfully do so, you will need a reliable and experienced translation partner who will pave the road for a seamless communication with international contacts and an accurate promotion of your products. Translation has become essential in today’s global economy, and that is Digital Hutch strength.

Digital Hutch language services range from simple document translations to multilingual research to transcribing your spoken texts for you.

By building up an extensive network of professional and experienced translators and proof-readers we are able to provide top quality translations in record time and at very competitive prices from and into any EU language.

All your translation projects are subjected to the following procedure before they are sent to you: Research, translation, proofreading/editing, correcting and a second proofreading.

For a quote, just send us an e-mail with the document to be translated attached and we will shortly send you a quote. You will be surprised at the low prices of our professional services. We offer one of the lowest rates of all translation agencies and we have never missed a deadline!

All our clients are of equal importance to us, whether you represent one of the largest multinationals in the world or are starting your one-person company.

All your documents will be handled with the strictest confidentiality.

We are looking forward to a successful, long-term relationship with you or your company.



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