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Voice Over Services at Digital Hutch

Buy Voice Over in 5 Steps

At Digital Hutch, we believe in providing a user-friendly professional service that links up our clients with a pain-free way to buy voice overs without the hassle found at most other professional voice over services. We have put together a 5-step method that has been guaranteed to work amazingly and get our clients in and out as quickly and as happily as possible. It has taken years of experimenting before we came up with our own perfect system to get you, our highly valued client exactly what you want.

Step One: Choose how to buy voice-overs

At Digital Hutch, we allow our clients to choose from three major options to help get them started as quickly as possible. One way we do this is by providing the option to a) let us choose the best voice for you, which will get you what you ordered in a few short hours; b) allow us to put out a casting call where our professional voice-over actors will be competing for you to order their voiceover; c) browse our database of sound samples so you can find the perfect voice to suit your needs!

Step Two: Buy Voiceover

At Digital Hutch, we make it easy to make your payment and allow the flexibility of payment plans if necessary. If you want to pay all at once, great, if not, no -problem! We will get you set up with a payment plan that suits your budget. You will never have to sacrifice quality for price when you buy voiceovers from us!

Step Three: Get your voiceovers on time!

There are many professional voiceover services out there who are notorious for not meeting deadlines, but not here at Digital Hutch. We have a large staff of professional voice over actors and if one falls through, we will get you your order one way or another and on time! If we do not meet the deadline you give to us, we will not charge you for our services! Tardiness is not something you should have to deal with when you buy voiceovers.

Step Four: Provide with comments

Make comments when you buy voiceover from Digital Hutch and ensure that your opinion matters!

Step Five: Get the final version

No delays or questions in quality, we will now return the finished product back to you within the time frame that you requested!


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