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Medical Translation Services at Digital Hutch

Digital hutch is a professional translation company specialized in medicine (clinical trials), pharmaceutics (drug research), chemistry (organic chemistry) and patents (biotechnology, pharmaceutics) Our Multilingual Compliance Process provides a roadmap for delivering multilingual documents on-time and on-budget. The process combines expert linguists, best-of-breed technology, and measurable translation quality in a robust and scalable process by focusing on customer service and delivering industry-specific expertise. We are medical translation and localization experts. Our production systems are built from the ground up to support our medical technology clients. We can lead clients to new approaches, and we are not afraid of improving the way we are doing business.

Our industry-leading clients have time and time again voted by spending their budget dollars with Digital Hutch. We provide comprehensive, successful solutions that solve complex linguistic, technical, and consulting challenges. Digital Hutch is helping businesses project a global image- without losing the local touch. That's precisely the reason why growing numbers of businesses have come to rely only on our Translation Services.

Our focus on business communication has enabled us to provide highly specialized translations in a wide spectrum of subjects. We provide quality translations in the following areas of expertise- Advertising, Engineering, Finance, Health-Care, Legal, Marketing, Sciences, Technology, Telecommunications, Trade, and a host of others!

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